Director/ DP / Producer / FAA Certified Drone Pilot / Photographer

I am a tested professional in the Pittsburgh market with more than 11 years in broadcasting and 27 years as a business leader and working television production professional.

With strong people skills, proven television production talents and creative thinking, I embrace the roles of leader, worker and life-long learner.  These practices, a close step behind my family-first-spirit, take center focus in my life.  I am a voracious reader, cinema enthusiast, veteran television director and passionate about still photography, branding, marketing and team-building.  I seek to out-read, out-work and out-do the competition when going head-to-head for a production project.  I’m proud that my experience in content creation, marketing, corporate politics, client development, teaching and visual storytelling has always helped me grow my teams, client-base, students and projects.

I have earned credits as a writer, educator, arts board member, producer, director, photographer, marketing lead and documentary-maker.  Leading media and content production projects for a variety of clients, I have directed development of marketing and branded content projects and worked closely with a unique mix of clients at the C-Suite and Director levels.

On location, in classrooms, offices and in boardrooms around the country, I have been privileged to nurture and deliver a diverse package of television productions while growing trusted client and business relationships throughout numerous industries.  Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated a wealth of ability in all facets of ideation, creative development, strategic planning and marketing productions and I enjoy the challenges and rewards of hard work and effective leadership while working with a passionate team.

Today, more than ever, I believe organizations have to be mediamakers- content creators, marketers and community forces that know how to effectively tell their stories via multiple platforms while building brand and delivering positive outcomes for all valued stakeholders.  Our greatest asset is our next generation of professionals and how we lead them to successful outcomes for their lives and careers.

Serving to inspire and always working toward personal and organizational growth, I have worked to achieve success in media productions as varied as television documentaries, corporate video, children’s programming, broadcast station promotion, film shorts, website development and agency work.  My artistic and business backbone has served internal and external clients of fortune 500 companies and those of small businesses.  I excel in and take great pride in financial and operational management, creative and team leadership skills, community-building, and taking ownership of strategic and tactical objectives while brand-building and producing positive outcomes for stakeholders.