Director/ DP / Producer / FAA Certified Drone Pilot / Photographer

It's an exciting time in our business and an exciting time to be leading such amazing teams of crew, clients and our staff at Phenomenon.  Shooting 4K, 5K and 6K productions.  What rich stories we all have to live and tell today.

For my clients, their stories are what I go to work for every day.  We work hard together and embrace the notion that all of us have ownership in developing and producing projects that deliver successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Today, I'm helping my clients, fellow crew and students to make media and create content.  For every screen, platform and mission, I help our clients tell THEIR organization's story with talented shooting, insightful writing and marketing professionals who understand the power of video.

I am committed as ever to supporting a variety of national and international clients in the commercial, corporate, sports and advertising industries. Bottom line, I go where I need to go for the story. 

As technology continues to reshape industries and business models, I continue to value the people I work with, their talents and imaginations.  Moreover, I remain deeply focused always focused on producing video content that moves hearts, minds and markets.
I'd love to talk to you about your next video production.‚Äč

Let's tell your story together.

Check out my recent work demo below: